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World’s first Indigenously developed, Integrated & Break-thorough  Collaboration Solution.

An easy to use system comprising of both Hardware and necessary Software Application Suites.

Enables classes to be conducted in both Physical and Virtual Classroom model simultaneously.

Effectively engages students who are face-to-face in classroom as well as at remote locations with interactive tools for  unrivaled classroom experience.

Convert any wall into an interactive white board for increased level of engagement between teachers and students.

Record live classroom sessions and provide access from anywhere for remedial and recall classes.

Provides essential reports for data driven decision making and analysis.


Instant Online Education Capability with Virtual and Flip classrooms

Automatic content creation with global access integrated content library

Industry experts can be brought as guest faculty virtually

Higher classroom engagement and analytics with an effective distance education system

Increased reputation and brand by providing better education

Optimum use of teaching staff so that they can save time, effort and money


Flexibility to conduct live video lectures across multiple locations any time

Use multiple media (video, voice, presentations, online resources)

Unified content management

Effective teaching through collaborative whiteboard, screen, and media share

Group/Class Management and Easy Interaction and connectivity with students

Flexibility in sharing content in specific group/class


Remote learning

Engage with subject matter experts

Learn at your own pace and time by using recorded sessions

Interact with teachers and students through instant messaging

Increased engagement with teachers, co-students, and study content

Live interaction with teachers and fellow students in groups



We offer highly competitive and quality VoLTE solution which helps you provide the best customer experience and increase your ROI. Most next-generation or 4G wireless networks use Long Term  Evolution technology. Voice calls over LTE are recognized as the industry-agreed progression of voice solutions across mobile networks, deploying LTE radio access technology.


  1. High-definition voice: VoLTE improves voice quality. Traditional voice networks transmit voice calls using an 8kbps codec.
  2. Rich Communications Services or RCS: VoLTE enables wireless operators to deliver a new set of standard-based solutions referred to as RCS. These solutions include video calling, file transferring, real time language translation, video voicemail and instant messaging. Many of these applications are already delivered over cellular data solution using third party apps.
  3. Faster call set up time: Connecting calls using VoLTE will be much faster than it is today using the older circuit-switched technology on a 2G wireless network. It can be up to twice as fast as non-VoLTE call setups.
  4. Improved battery life over other VoIP apps: VoLTE solutions offer much-improved battery life compared with using an over-the-top Voice over IP solution.
  5. Integration of VoLTE with voice over Wi-Fi solution: Better integration between a wireless operators’ cellular voice solution and a Wi-Fi calling solution. Improving the transition between the cellular voice call, which uses licensed wireless spectrum, and a Wi-Fi call, which uses unlicensed spectrum, is important because it helps to get better indoor coverage in areas where licensed wireless spectrum is limited. That means improved coverage for consumers.
  6. True device interoperability:- Once carriers make VoLTE solutions interoperable among different carrier networks, there won’t be any technology barriers among most of the world’s wireless operators. The CDMA/GSM divide that’s separated the four major wireless operators in the US will no longer be an issue.
    What this could mean for the average consumer is that you may be able to buy one device that could truly operate on any wireless network. All the major carriers would be delivering data solutions and voice solutions using the same 4G LTE technology. And if your smartphone supported enough LTE wireless bands, you’d be able to take that device to any carrier and get both voice and data solution.

Other Benefits:

  1. Provides a more efficient use of spectrum than traditional voice.
  2. Meets the rising demand for richer, more reliable solutions.
  3. Eliminates the need to have voice on one network and data on another.
  4. Unlocks new revenue potential, utilizing IMS as the common solution platform.
  5. Can be deployed in parallel with video calls over LTE and RCS multimedia solutions, including video share, multimedia messaging, chat and file transfer.
  6. Ensures that video solutions are fully interoperable across the operator community, just as voice solutions are, as demand for video calls grows.
  7. Increases handset battery life by 40 per cent (compared with VoIP).
  8. Delivers an unusually clear calling experience.
  9. Provides rapid call establishment time.

Our innovative and technically advanced Wi-Fi Calling solution which results in delighted customers and long term customer relationships.
The Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) solution, also called Wi-Fi Calling, enables subscribers to use smartphones that support VoWiFi to dial numbers to initiate voice or video calls when Wi-Fi connection is available.

CloudCollab`s VoWiFi solution complies with 3GPP specifications. It is based on the EPC (ePDG), SingleSDB (3GPP AAA), and IMS as the core control architecture.When common subscribers access network under Wi-Fi hotspots, they can enjoy HD voice & video solution and seamless handover between VoLTE and VoWiFi.


  1. VoWiFi increases efficiency and coverage
  2. Lower overheads, increased resilience, and capacity on-demand
  3. IR.51 VoWiFi support
  4. Highly orchestrated and ready for 5G network slicing
  5. Deploy end-to-end across public, private and hybrid clouds
  6. Cloud native VNFs fulfil promise of NFV deployment

CloudCollab`s VoWiFi/Wi-Fi calling solution runs on a highly scalable, Unix-based platform of front-end servers for authentication, authorization, and accounting and a redundant set of high-performance back-end servers for real-time session management.

Rich Communication Services (RCS)

Our RCS Solution opens up possibilities to provide advanced communication between third party businesses and messaging users for a wide range of solutions such as Chatbots, Plugins, Artificial Intelligence and other third party industrial applications. The solution allows for mobile and fixed network operators and MSOs to offer rich communication solutions that blend voice, video, messaging and presence.

Our RCS technology solution enables operators with IMS-based solutions to offer subscribers an unrivaled user experience, seamlessly incorporate traditional SMS and MMS solutions, and connect to 3rd party or over-the-top (OTT) applications.

With the growth of Business to Customer (B2C) Messaging, RCS is gaining momentum with global launches and a growing handset adoption. Its open platform provides developers with everything they need to build and deploy advanced communication applications, offering new revenue opportunities for operators looking to offer new solutions to enterprise customers.


  • Sender identified by name, not a short-code or MSISDN
  • Integration of graphics and QR codes
  • Hot-buttons to websites replacing links
  • Executable code embedded in the message, enabling customers to take action immediately without going to a website
  • Spam protection and privacy control measures to maintain customer trust
  • Provides the basis for up-selling A2P SMS now, and a chatbot platform in the near future

RCS messaging delivers four key improvements over SMS:
Verified sender:- An RCS message displays the brand name a marketer wants to present, as opposed to an SMS message that identifies the sender by a 10-digit phone number or a five- or six-digit short code. This improves consumer trust and increases receptivity to a brand’s message.

Customized branding:- Marketers can employ a brand image within an RCS-threaded conversation next to their responses similar to how a personal conversation can contain a photo or other avatar icon. This reinforces the sense that the customer is engaged in an actual dialogue with the brand or its representative.

Rich media: RCS messages can interweave many forms of media, including still imagery, video and audio. Customers benefit because they can return to this content in the context in which they received it — their messaging application — rather than having to open yet another app or their browser. Jon’s Virgin Train ticket was delivered directly to his phone in a user-friendly form factor. Typical SMS messages require customers to manually add the confirmation quick response code to
their native wallet application.

Suggested replies and actions: Responses in an RCS format can include suggested actions that are available with the tap of an icon. These actions go beyond a simple text response, and can include deep links into an associated app such as Google Maps or links into an app store to download a branded application.

Other Benefits:

  1. Offers a rich feature set
  2. Provides go-anywhere availability
  3. Enables universal reach to all subscribers and messaging communities
  4. Supports GSMA OneAPIs
  5. Supplies peak performance
  6. Incorporates availability and reliability

Help your people collaborate from anywhere. Our video conferencing solutions help you catch every nuance and get more done. Make every meeting count and reduce operational costs for everything from sales and product development to doctor-patient consultations and teacher-student sessions.
The conference solution is available as Web application, and application on Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

Solutions: Our End-to-End Video Conferencing Solution provides 1080p60 HD video that is highly reliable, secure, and stable. It offers a smooth across-the-table conferencing experience that helps to save on travel costs, accelerates decision making and improves productivity.
The product brings together the features of video conferencing, digital projection, video streaming, two-way audio communication and high-speed computing into a single affordable, portable device that enables real-time collaboration between diverse teams.

For Corporates:

  • Video Web conferencing between teams situated in diverse locations
  • Public or private messaging through instant messaging.
  • Collaboration and annotation of images and diagrams through common whiteboard.
  • Recording video conference for future use. Recordings are editable and archivable.
  • Screen and application sharing.
  • File sharing between participants.
  • Back-end administration of web conferencing allows access to reports on attendance, archive views, and typed messages.
  • Supports scheduling meetings, notifying and registering participants and collecting participant information.
  • Allows participants to view web conference at their convenience.

For Education Sector:

  • Video Web conferencing between students and instructors situated in diverse locations
  • Application, file and desktop sharing and viewing with web browser provided to enable live demonstrations.
  • Collaboration and annotation of images and diagrams through common whiteboard.
  • Recording video conference for future use. Recordings are editable and archivable.
  • Public and private instant messaging between students and instructors
  • Recording classroom sessions for future use. Recordings are editable and archivable
  • Flexibility to view the classroom sessions at their convenience
  • Supports scheduling classes, notifying and registering students, and maintaining their user profile
  • Back-end administration allows access to reports on attendance, archive views, and typed messages

Key features:

  • Multi featured device with networking, computing, image projection and power management
  • Integrated device with computing and projection capabilities.
  • High quality audio/video streaming on SAAS based platform.
  • All-in-one architecture
  • Integrated network with WiFi access
  • Low power consumption
  • Extensible connectivity over Cloud
  • Delivers high-quality video connection to remote teams seamlessly
  • Allows remote collaboration using state-of the art tools.

WebRTC enables Web applications and sites to capture and optionally stream audio and/or video media, as well as to exchange arbitrary data between browsers without requiring an intermediary.

The set of standards, that comprise WebRTC, makes it possible to share data and perform teleconferencing peer-to-peer, without requiring that the user install plug-ins or any other third-party software.

As enterprise communications start taking advantage of WebRTC in-browser capability, there is a need to connect WebRTC customers to the enterprise communication solutions which are largely SIP based. Softil DTBU WebRTC Interconnect Solution was created specifically to address this need by utilizing best-ofbreed protocol stacks and extending them to support required WebRTC transport and media capabilities.


  • Secure voice and video
  • Advanced voice and video quality
  • Reliable session establishment
  • Multiple media streams
  • Adaptive to network conditions
  • Interoperability with VoIP and video
  • Rapid application development

We Provide:

  • Media Servers/Media Gateways
  • SIP-Based call centers
  • SBC
  • Video-conferencing bridges/cloud
  • Video/audio endpoints

Power your SMS communications with unrivaled deliverability and speed, anywhere in the world. Confidently scale and deliver your business SMS messages globally. We will take care of all the complexities for you.
We offer:
The best connectivity: Our platform achieves one of the highest and fastest delivery rates in the business, powered by our in-house telecom stack. Abandon unreliable routes: Your SMS message will always follow the fastest route. Our engine instantly finds the best route for each message. Stop global message delays: Reach your customers anywhere in the world. We are directly connected to the major global operators and we support all languages.
No campaign size restrictions: Whether you send a single SMS message or a million, our SMS gateway supports all campaign volumes. Our infrastructure powers business communications at any scale.
Automate and simplify bulk SMS:- Send and receive SMS messages directly to a group or single contact with an email. Our Email to SMS solution converts your emails into SMS messages instantly, from any mail customer.
Never exceed your SMS quota: Our SMS gateway automatically keeps you compliant with local SMS quota regulations. Messaging output is automatically distributed when your daily quota is met. Eliminate character limits: Say all you need to say, even if it takes more than 160 characters. Multiple messages are always shown to the end user as a single, coherent text with auto-concatenation. Protect sensitive data: Hospitals, banks, and governments around the world use our SMS gateway. We keep your data secure and always meet the strict requirements of local regulations.


  • connecting to your audience
  • delivering peak performance
  • any encoding
  • automated SMS logic
  • number lookup
  • intelligent route optimization
  • inbound message management
  • fully controlled end-to-end messaging